Though cranes are essential in a construction project, they require extra caution when in operation. You should monitor them frequently to ensure they are working efficiently. Checking their condition regularly also eliminates the risk of injuries and accidents. Experts should attend to any mechanical issues immediately they occur. In addition to the safety of the cranes, there are many factors you have to consider when renting the equipment. It's not always an easy decision, but the following questions about dry hire cranes and their answers should get you started. 

How Does Dry Hire Crane Work? 

A dry hire crane service brings the crane to your construction site but does not provide an operator — unlike the wet service, which provides an expert for the rental duration. If you already have an expert operator in your team, the dry hire crane is an ideal option. Though it comes with an additional cost, it guarantees the optimal operation of the crane. 

What Are the Benefits of Dry Hire?

Dry hire is ideal for highly specialised applications. If you have employee proficient in the job, they might be better than an outsider with skills you can't verify. They will work more efficiently, with minimal errors, and give quality results.

Most companies also value teamwork. If the job is highly dependent on teamwork, dry crane hire is more helpful than wet hire. The team will be more effective because the employees are used to each other. It also saves time because you do not have to allow time for the expert from the hire service to familiarise himself with your operations. 

Dry crane hire also gives better control of the entire project. You do not have to stick to the schedule provided by an external operator. For instance, you can hire a cheaper freelance operator from a different company. 

What Type of Crane Can You Dry-Hire?

Most dry crane hire services own different types of cranes to suit various applications. These include truck-mounted cranes for construction applications. You can also rent crawler cranes for heavy-load transportation or forklift cranes for installing steel structures. Tower cranes used in lifting machines are also common. 

What Do You Look for in a Dry Crane Service? 

A dry crane service should meet your specific needs. They will provide a crane that suits your task. A reputable mobile crane hire service will transport the crane to your destination to save you from incurring unnecessary expenses. Moreover, the service should be easy and quick to reach in case you need help with cranes. It is also advisable to hire from the nearest local service provider to make communication easy and fast.

Dry crane services reduce your operational and production costs in a construction project. Choose a reliable, well-equipped and professional company to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Contact a dry hire crane service for more information.