Whether buying new or buying used, it used to be that picking out a new car meant nothing more than choosing between diesel and gas. However, times have now changed. A whole host of hybrid models are now popular, and their rapid adoption over the last few years is now becoming evident when you head to used car lots. Alongside the standard diesel and gas selection, you should find a healthy array of used hybrids when looking at used cars for sale.

Here are just three reasons why you should invest in one.

1. Significant Savings

Everyone knows that buying a used car is cheaper than buying a new car, but people are still surprised by the level of savings available. A vehicle depreciates fast, losing a large chunk of its value over the first one or two years of ownership, so you can save a whole heap of cash simply by buying a vehicle that's a few years old. That's great for any kind of car, but it's a particularly strong advantage for hybrid shoppers. Even with tax incentives, hybrids are more expensive than conventional vehicles, so buying one new could put a serious dent in your finances. Pick up a used hybrid to enjoy eco-friendly driving without the price tag.

2. More Eco-Friendly

Anyone who wants to save money on fuel and cut down on pollution is going to look for a hybrid vehicle. If you really want to stay eco-friendly, you should look for a used hybrid instead of buying new. Yes, a brand-new model might offer slightly stronger MPG ratings, but you need to offset that slight improvement with the environmental impact of building a whole new car. Many raw resources are consumed when a hybrid is made, so why not save that cost by buying a used hybrid instead?

3. Excellent Reliability

People will often tell you not to buy a used hybrid because the battery pack might fail. Once you look at the price of hybrid batteries, that warning might seem to make sense: they cost a lot more than standard car batteries. However, keep in mind that batteries are typically rated to last decades, so you shouldn't have to worry about a breakdown. In fact, hybrids lack many moving parts found in a conventional vehicle, so breakdowns aren't as likely. If you're worried about the reliability of a used car, opting for a used hybrid might assuage those concerns.