Most people think of truck wheel misalignment as the type of problem that only a professional can handle. Whilst that is true in many cases, there are also several situations in which you can deal with truck wheel misalignment before it becomes serious enough to require a visit to your automotive care provider. Here's what you need to know about dealing with truck wheel misalignments on your own.

Balance the Weight in Your Truck

Whether you use your truck as a working vehicle or simply as a daily driver, you might not notice how much junk accumulates in the back of the vehicle. You may have everything from jumper leads and spare tyres to extra shoes and clothing -- and all of these things can add significant weight to one specific area of your vehicle. If you notice signs of misalignment like the steering wheel pulling to one side or uneven tyre wear, take a close look at what you're storing in your truck. Removing the heaviest objects and balancing out everything else evenly throughout the truck can correct the alignment problem in some cases. 

Check Your Tyre Pressure

If your truck seems to have alignment issues and you've already redistributed the weight without results, look to the tyres. Check your tyre pressure -- and make sure that you inflate the tyres to the recommended level. Both under-inflated tyres and over-inflated tyres can cause misalignment, so it's well worth checking your tyre pressure regularly and making adjustments as needed. Whilst many oil changes include a tyre pressure check, you probably only have oil changes every few months, or even less often. Invest in a simple tyre pressure tool so you can perform these checks on your own at least once a month.

Evaluate Your Driving Behaviours

If your truck always seems to have alignment problems, you may need to look beyond quick fixes and find the heart of the issue. Did you know that your driving behaviours can have a significant impact on your truck wheel alignment? The more erratically that you tend to drive, the more likely you are to have alignment issues. Try to slow down, to leave plenty of space whilst behind other vehicles, and to avoid sudden stops whenever possible. Your truck wheel alignment will thank you!

Whilst any severe truck wheel misalignment requires help from a professional straight away, you might just be able to prevent minor alignment issues from becoming major ones if you try the self help truck alignment tips above!