Drivers who want to get into the big league by driving heavy commercial vehicles need to undergo some formal training before they can get a heavy vehicle license. Enrolling in a registered heavy commercial vehicle training school can help drivers improve their driving skills and knowledge. Furthermore, being a heavy truck driver increases your market value because you can work for many transport companies across state lines. Here are some aspects that beginners might find useful before enrolling in a heavy commercial vehicle driving school.

Refresher Course -- Refresher courses are critical when heavy commercial vehicle drivers need to keep up with new road regulations. The program ensures that drivers hone their skills while acquiring new ones that will ensure the safety of all road users. If you have taken time off driving heavy-duty vehicles, you might have to enrol in a refresher training course. In some states and territories, after the expiry of a heavy commercial vehicle license, drivers are required to take a refresher course before a permit is renewed. Check your registered training centre to find out if they offer refresher courses for drivers. Also, when you undertake refresher training, you have to keep in touch with the evolving driver code of conduct.   

Fitness to Drive -- Before being licensed, drivers have to undergo an assessment of their eligibility to drive heavy commercial vehicles. In some states, drivers are required to fill out a driver health questionnaire, which is a tool for identifying issues that can affect an individual's ability to drive safely. The information provided in the questionnaire coupled with a clinical examination helps to determine if a driver is fit to be on the road. Therefore, when responding to the questions in the form, try to be truthful. For example, every state has their laws regarding alcohol levels for drivers. Therefore, understand the limits when responding to the questionnaire.

Previous License -- There are several license categories in Australia. Drivers who want to learn heavy duty vehicle driving must possess a license of either a medium truck or lower version. The reason for such qualification is that heavy trucks require prior knowledge and experience. For instance, maneuvering such a monstrosity is no joke because of the risk of overturning, especially along corners. Therefore, you need to provide your previous license to your preferred registered training centre before training can begin. Note that it is a requirement in almost all states and territories.