Cars are extremely versatile. One day you can use them when going for executive business meetings or random vacation trips to the wild. Regardless of the function, your car must offer optimal thermal comfort for all the occupants. This makes air conditioning systems very important for any car that you own. Selecting an ideal air conditioning system ensures that you get the best out of your air conditioning system while saving on fuel or the battery. This discussion will help you make a good decision between regular air conditioners and swamp coolers for your car:

Temperature Regulation

When it comes to temperature regulation, air conditioners have an added advantage over car swamp coolers. Today, you can adjust the temperature inside your car at the click of a button and set it at a particular temperature that you prefer. Some high-end models allow each occupant to adjust the position of their air conditioning inlets and set them at a temperature they prefer. Car swamp coolers, on the other hand, only keep the car at a fixed temperature. They may not be ideal in cases where you prefer the temperature at a different setting.  

Temperature Consistency

The essence of thermal comfort is to have the interior of the car at a certain temperature deemed comfortable for each occupant. Regular air conditioners will keep the car at a certain temperature until you alter the settings. The air conditioning system draws power from the engine and battery to achieve. It does not depend on the motion of the vehicle.

Car swamp coolers cannot maintain sustain the process of cooling the car because they rely on the motion of the car. When the car stops or slows down in case of traffic snarl-ups, you will feel the effects of the summer heat.

Energy Efficiency

Regular air conditioning systems are connected to the battery and engine to draw power and run the fans. Basically, you will use up a little more fuel and battery by running the engine for long periods. On the contrary, car swamp coolers will keep your car cool as long as it is moving. Since they are mounted on the window of the car, the water inside the swamp coolers evaporates and radiates heat to the outside of the car in exchange of cooling the water by vapourisation.

Overall, regular air conditioners are a better alternative compared to car swamp coolers. Even though they draw energy from the battery and engine, they win on reliability and efficiency. For more information on this or honda car parts, contact a professional.