Some problems you might experience with your car or truck are not necessarily emergencies; while any problem with a vehicle should be checked and repaired as soon as possible, some are minor enough that you can continue to drive until you can get that repair scheduled. However, some problems with a vehicle are serious enough that you should pull over and call a tow truck. Note a few of those problems here, so that you know when it's good to have your vehicle towed to a shop, and are always safe when you're behind the wheel.

Grinding noises, especially when braking

Grinding noises often mean that a gear is worn down or that two metal pieces are rubbing against each other, which shouldn't happen with a vehicle. When the differentials, or gears near the tyres and which engage when you turn, wear down, you may lose control of the steering as you round a corner, as the vehicle may then pull away from the turn. If the transmission gears are worn, the vehicle could slip into neutral.

If you hear this grinding when you brake, this often means the brake pads or rotors are worn. If these are especially damaged, the brakes may just outright fail, and this can be an even greater risk for a truck or other heavy vehicle. Depending on the overall volume of this grinding and how your vehicle is responding and handling, it can be good to simply pull over and have it towed to a shop for repair rather than trying to keep driving.

Excessive shaking of steering wheel

A little vibration of the steering wheel can mean that the vehicle's tyres are out of alignment, and this should be remedied soon, but this problem is typically not an emergency. When the steering wheel is shaking so much that you can hardly hold it, or cannot control the vehicle, it's time to pull over and call a tow truck. A tyre may actually be loose or excessively low, and this can mean the risk of a blowout or the tyre actually coming off the vehicle. This risk can increase for very heavy vehicles with large tyres, as that added weight of the tyre can mean more pull, away from the lug nuts, or more pressure on a low tyre. A tow truck can assist with changing the tyre if it's low, or check the tightness of lug nuts if that's all that's needed to get you safely back on the road.

For more information on truck repairs, contact a professional.