Whilst automotive air conditioner maintenance will usually prevent most air conditioner problems, coolant leaks can cause issues quite suddenly at times. When your coolant is leaking, your air conditioner will fail to work properly or at all. To know whether you're dealing with an air conditioner coolant leak, watch out for the signs below.

The Look

One of the easiest ways to recognise an air conditioner coolant leak is by looking for the drips or puddles underneath your car. You might also notice stains in the garage or driveway. Air conditioner coolant leaks are generally bright in colour, so they're quite noticeable. You might see vibrant shades of pink, green, or yellow coming from the undercarriage of your car if you have an air conditioner coolant leak.

The Smell

Whilst coolant leaks are usually odourless, there are some situations when you can smell a coolant leak before you see it. You might notice an ether like odour coming from your car -- and when you lift the bonnet it might be quite strong. 

The Warmth

The air conditioner may still work when you have a coolant leak, but you might start to notice that the cool air isn't quite as cool as it once was. As the leak grows larger, the air will still blow -- but it may eventually become warm. This is a strong indicator that your air conditioner coolant is leaking out of the car rather than moving through the system like it should. 

The Temperature

Whilst you don't normally think of your car's temperature gauge in connection with your air conditioner, there are times that they are directly related. If you notice your temperature gauge rising whilst your air conditioner is running, there's a chance that it's a result of coolant leaks. If this occurs, it's best to turn off the air conditioner straight away -- and keep it off. Although the temperature gauge could indicate a coolant leak, it might also indicate other serious issues that could impact your car's engine. 

If you've noticed any of the signs of air conditioner coolant leaks above, it's important that you have the problem seen to as soon as possible. If coolant leaks aren't attended to, they could eventually cause a complete failure of your air conditioning system -- but if you take care of them straight away, you can keep the cool air coming all summer long.