When you're in the market for a new car, you can buy one that is manufactured locally or choose an import brand. Some countries don't have many local car manufacturers, which then reduces your choices when it comes to new makes and models, but you still want to shop carefully before deciding on any car for yourself. Note a few factors to remember when considering an import car, and this can help you determine if it's the best choice for your car buying needs.

Replacement parts

Be sure to price replacement parts for any intended vehicle, and note availability. In many areas, import cars are so common that replacement parts for popular models are very affordable and are readily available on store shelves; you can also find them online for a competitive price. However, in some cases, an import car may be somewhat rare and may also be a limited model. This can make replacement parts harder to find and more expensive, so be sure you check on this before deciding on the model that is right for you.


Find out if there is a local mechanic who specializes in the type of car you want to buy, as some import cars will need specialty diagnostic tools in order to have them repaired properly. As with parts, it may be that some imports are so common in your area that virtually every mechanic can work on them, and their overall design may not be so different from domestic models. However, something rare or unique may require a specialized mechanic, so be sure you can find someone local who can properly service your car.

Resale value

When you're shopping for any new car, it's good to figure the potential resale value of that car, for when you're ready to trade it in or resell it. Depending on the model you choose, you may find that many import cars have a higher resale value than domestic models, as those imports may be known for their overall longevity; since they're expected to run longer, you can fetch a better price for that car after it's been on the road a few years. This can be especially important for someone who doesn't care to own a car for its entire lifespan but prefers to get a new model every few years; investing in an import with a higher resale value can then make car ownership less expensive for you in the long run, versus buying a lower-quality domestic model that you can't resell for much money.