Whether you are regularly responsible for organising transportation at work or a first timer trying to get your head around the organisation required, understanding why towing is such a difficult, skilled and high value job can be confusing. After all, you are just attaching a big truck to a smaller vehicle that has gotten stuck and hitting the accelerator right? Well, while it may seem like a straightforward task, the towing trade actually require a huge amount of skill to get right. The situation can be further complicated depending on where the accident took place, what types of vehicles are involved and if the situation is as straightforward as it seems.

Sometimes, only a professional can do the job right. So before you pick up the phone to your friend with some rope and a van, check you aren't in one of these four situations first.

There are dangerous materials or animals involved

Particularly common when travelling along main roads that run between cities and towns, you never know when a crash might involve hazardous materials like industrial waste, valuable assets which need to remain in tact like agricultural products, or in a worst case scenario there might be animals. When towing the vehicles involved in these accidents, a professional will be able to handle the situation with tact, understanding how to retrieve and move the vehicle without causing spillages or distress to the animals. 

Long distance towing is needed

For whatever reason, a vehicle might need towing to the next state or territory. Driving with a towed vehicle for several hours is hard work, requiring a level of concentration and an understanding on road conditions only found in professional towing services. Additionally, the way towing a vehicle impacts on the vehicle doing the towing can change how you need to drive on the roads, for example how you take corners and your stopping distances. 

You're on a worksite 

Crashes and breakdowns don't just happen on roads. Often a towing service will need to go onto a construction site to retrieve broken down forklift trucks for example. Never attempt to tow these yourself. While it may seem like overkill to call in a professional, you don't want to risk more damage to the already expensive vehicle.

There's no owner nearby

Whether it's the car parked outside your house for months with no sign of movement, or an abandoned vehicle that's causing an obstruction, getting them out of the way when there is no clear owner is difficult. Rather than trying to do it yourself, professional towing services will be able to remove the car to a speicalised parking area and inform the relevant authorities who can then contact the registered driver.