With the quick depreciation rate and high price tag of new cars, you might be considering getting a used car instead. Since investing in a used car is considered by many to be a sensible option, you still have to be smart about the choices you make.

There are used cars which may become costly to you later on. Here are things you need to consider.

Check the Car's Exterior and Interior

Ensure you check the interior upholstery together with any repairs to the car's exterior. This does not mean that you should not buy a used car with minor repairs, but you will have to make sure the exterior repairs were professionally done. Remember to check the engine; rusty and dirty parts can be a sign that there may be a huge problem underneath.

Take a Test Drive

It is important that you take the car for a test drive both on the highway and local roads. Testing the car on different roads will provide you with the feel of how the car performs and responds in different environments. While on a test drive, you need to be very keen and note any unusual brake or engine noises and whether all the car electronics are working.

Carry Out a Leak Test

When on a test drive, take some time and park the car on a clean area and let it run for at least thirty seconds. Move the car and check if there are any visible leaking substances. Presence of black fluid can be an indicator of leaking oil; pink fluid will indicate a leak in the transmission, while green fluid may indicate a leak in the anti-freeze.

Get a Mechanic to Inspect It

Failing to get a mechanic to inspect the car may lead to an expensive repair later on. A mechanic will help you discover any hidden problem and also help in determining the value of the car. In case there will be any major problems with the transmission or engine, this is the personal who will inform you.

Read Reviews on the Model and Make

You will have to do some detective work by going through customer reviews on the model and make to help uncover any defects or common problem. You can do this by reading through customer reviews online.

Decode the VIN

You need to check the VIN decoder chart to help you see if the VIN information of the used car matches what is in the vehicle records and title. 

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